What You Should Not Outsource

What You Should Not Outsource

what you should not outsourceOutsourcing can be a huge blessing when you’re busy, but it’s vital that you know what you should not outsource.

I know what you’re thinking; “Who can I trust?”

Yep, I get it. However, you have to look at it a different way. Consider that those who generally take on the work as the outsourcer, do this for a living.

There are numerous resources, meaning online communities where you can find individuals that are experienced outsourcers you can rely on. Today though, I want to talk about what you need to keep back for yourself.

Not everything can or should be outsourced.

Today, I’m going to give you a simple list to start with, of things that you’ll want to refrain from outsourcing for your own good.

Understanding What You Should Not Outsource

There are tons of projects that vie for your time, and you can’t continue to build relationships if you try to do it all. Sadly, many folks may believe that you have it made if you can do it all, and all without spending a dime.

However, doing it all isn’t ideal or healthy for your business. You need to know when to outsource and when to keep things to yourself. What do you do?

Here is a good list to follow, for what you should not outsource.

  1. Team building/corporate team building. Team building should ALWAYS be done by the leader. Building a team is the single most important thing you can do on the inside, and that interaction cannot be replaced with outsourcing to anyone at any time. It’s important that you focus on building your team with direct, hands-on meetings, exercises, and gatherings that create a team environment.
  2. Planning for your mission/vision. While the mission and the vision are two separate ideas, keep in mind that planning for your mission and what lies ahead, (vision), you should keep that on the inside. An outsourcer wouldn’t have any clue where to start, and from the starting point they wouldn’t have a clue on where to take it from there. Keep your mission and vision close to your vest, and don’t outsource this.
  3. There is no such thing as outsourcing your team training. There are great webinars, events for your team members to attend, but there is no substitute for good training from you as a leader. You cannot afford to go without training your team, and they want and need to hear how you became a huge success. Meet at least once a week, and keep a Q and A session open, especially for those who are new!
  4. Tracking and reporting of production/results. Network marketing is a big industry, and what matters is that your team knows when and how they get compensated. This means that tracking and reporting is essential for your success. It’s vital that you get and stay organized, and this isn’t something you can outsource. EVER.

There are numerous things you’ll need to do and must do as a team leader, and it’s okay to outsource things like copywriting, video editing and creation, web design, and blogging. However, the list above is a great guide to what you should not outsource.

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