Viable Businesses You Can Run from Home

Viable Businesses You Can Run from Home

businesses you can run from homeHave you been searching for businesses you can run from home? More folks are looking for opportunities to work from home so they don’t have to leave their children.

It’s the time away from family and the expense of daycare that is killing the family unit. The one big question you may have is, “Can I afford the startup costs?”

Every business opportunity is different, but there is no time like the present. There are numerous businesses you can run from home. Which one is right for you?

There are some important questions you should ask yourself before you get started, and above all, there are some important things you need to know before you make your final decision.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Businesses You Can Run from Home

Negative folks always focus on what they can’t do, but the positive folks always focus on what they can do. Starting a business requires some thought, and starting off in a positive fashion means that you should start with the following questions.

  1. What do I have right now that I can use? Taking an inventory of what you have to work with right now is vital to your success, and it’s important that you make an honest assessment of what you do have financially to contribute to your business. Focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t have. Focus on what you can invest rather than what you wish you had. Remember, the goal is to focus on building on what you have. It’s watching progress that matters most.
  2. What am I passionate about? Are you good at sewing? If you are, and you can do it quickly you may make a great seamstress. There will always be a need for this business. If you are good at it that’s one thing, but being passionate about helping people look good is another. Focus on what you have right now, this means your talents and gifts. These are your natural assets.

Now that you know what to ask yourself before you get started, what businesses can you run from home that cost $1,500 or less to start?

Businesses You Can Run from Home with a Modest Startup Cost

When there is a problem to solve someone will pay you to solve it. Solving problems and providing stellar customer service are two things that will keep you in business. Here are some inexpensive businesses that you can start.

  1. Bicycle repair. Hear me out, regardless of where you live! If you love working with your hands and you have a passion for bikes, this is a great business for you to consider. Depending on where you live, a majority of your work will take place in the spring and summer months. Consider offering a wide array of services including paint finishes, polishing and refinishing, and even storage during the winter. Once you get started, you can re-invest that money back into the business and build those storage units.
  2. Write business plans. There are tons of folks that want to start a business, yet they’ll need a business plan written up that has more moving pieces to the business. You don’t have to be a writer to write up a business plan. If you are a college student that is taking business classes, or you have a business of your own, you can use this as a tool to positing yourself as an expert. Help others get started by writing business plans. There is a need for market research, a narrative (how the business will run), and you’ll also need to write up financial statements. Writing the plan is your core project, but you can offer your client revisions as necessary.
  3. Computer repair and servicing. There are tons of entrepreneurs out there that build their businesses from their desktop computers and laptops. There are many families that have multiple computers in their home, and may need repairs or servicing at any given time. There is a huge need for backup, increase in memory, as well as board repair, key repair, and virus removal. If you are passionate about computers and how they operate, this can be an easy business to start and run from home.
  4. Affiliate/online marketing. There are tons of products out there online, but businesses are always seeking promoters. This saves companies large and small a lot of money. Most retailers offer affiliate programs. You can sign up to promote their products and services by promoting them on your website and through social media. You can market from your computer, laptop, or even your smartphone. It’s a great and easy business to run, and most companies don’t charge a fee to sign up.

There are so many businesses you can run from home, but it’s just a matter of finding the one that fits your gifts and talents as well as your lifestyle!

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